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October 20, 2009 / Andrea Capp

Another lesson in under promising but over delivering

While I was working at Creative Brand Communications, we talked about the effects of under promising and over delivering. Once again I have been lucky enough to experience how well that really works.

I went to the Fossil Store in Clackamas to see if I could get my water damaged watch fixed. They sent my watch to their repair shop, Metro Service Center in Dallas Texas. They quickly sent me an email saying it was received and that I would be informed when it was fixed. Shortly thereafter Metro sent me a letter saying that the necessary parts for fixing my watch were unavailable, but that I could opt to use the e-gift card they sent if I agreed to relinquish ownership of my non-repaired watch. I looked through the selection of watches, none of which I was particularly fond of, and decided to instead ask for my watch back. It has some sentimental value and I don’t mind if it doesn’t work. It’s pretty.

I called Metro Service Center and they quickly answered my phone call, found my watch and said they would send it back within seven to ten business days. Then they said I could still use my e-gift card! I was not expecting that at all! I think I might have to get another watch, which means I’ll probably be spending a few extra dollars that I would not have otherwise spent. That’s a smart business move if you ask me.

Thank you Fossil and Metro Service Center! Even though my watch couldn’t be fixed I’m still a happy customer!


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