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October 25, 2009 / Andrea Capp

Visual Orgasms for Designers | Sexy Information Design

Those fancy colorized illustrator charts are almost old news…in a good way. They’re becoming the norm (going beyond giving designers visual orgasms and being used for the everyday persons information translation). I can’t stop looking at the website Information Is Beautiful and I want this book, The Visual Miscellaneum, for Christmas. Stimulation like this is mesmerizing and I hope everyone becomes addicted. I never want to see a chart made in excel again. Take a moment, which of these would you rather look at?

(online version of Mountains out of Molehills here)

As my housemate Natronics would say, “you’re wrong” if you pick option two for your next client meeting or annual report. No body wants to look at these for a useful length of time. To Microsoft’s credit though, it looks like they’re trying to move out of the typical excel look for charts.

A HUGE THANK YOU to David McCandless and all the people out there working towards information design that will enrich our minds rather than bore us to tears.


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