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October 26, 2009 / Andrea Capp

Cuddle Puddles & Back-Scratching for the Economically Challenged Designer

Unemployment seems to be an all to common story among us graphic designers, especially those of us here in Portland, Oregon. I’d like to add our thoughts, stories, frustrations, and free fun-time suggestions as a new category in my blog. Calling all designers, friends or family of designers, employers, employees and anyone with a good story to email me! You’ll get all kinds of linkage to your site which equals all kinds of goodness.

Need some inspiration? Maybe one of these topics would be interesting:

  • How were you laid-off
  • What you’re doing now
  • Are you working, freelancing, odd-jobs, work-trades or looking for something full-time
  • Do you do anything special or new to keep your creative mind active
  • Muses?
  • Unemployed design friends? How many?
  • Ridiculous job listings you’ve seen
  • Are you going to stick it out in Portland or try some place else
  • Any other topics us economically challenged graphic designers are interested in?
  • Did you solve you unemployment issue? How? A brilliant new product or idea!?

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