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November 19, 2009 / Andrea Capp

Adventures of an Artist | Justin Tinkler & The J Miners

What does one do after losing a business? You might just move, as Justin Tinkler and his brother did after having lost a mobile automotive car painting business to the unforgiving economy. In September 2009, after a long year of unsteady income, Justin Tinkler, his brother and his cousin packed up their instruments and traveled from Wilmington, North Carolina to the welcoming arms of Portland, Oregon.

Justin writes, “What a wonderful place. Our band The J Miners has had a very warm welcome and we appreciate it. It’s true what they say, If you start singing country music, You’ll lose your Job, your House, and your Girlfriend.”

It seems like they’re successfully carving out a new life here in Portland. Best of luck! As someone wise once said “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Sometimes that’s easier said than done. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see it happen. You can find Jamin Belmont’s art here, and Justin’s here. Check out their band The J Miners too!


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