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December 3, 2009 / Andrea Capp

What do the Trail Blazers and Twitter have in common?

Well, I talked about both Twitter and the Blazers while watching the game against Miami Tuesday night. As many others have, my roomie, a friend and I discussed the NBAs No More Social Networking rule. Although I agree that it might be somewhat unprofessional to be tweeting during work, we’re talking about an industry riddled with selling people, sports, a team, stuff and excitement, all for advertising dollars and ticket sales. What better way to continue building rapport with fans or people who didn’t even know they were your fans?

I blogged about this at my last place of employment. As you may remember, while Shaquille O’neal was in Portland for a basketball game he sent out a tweet saying “Anybody in portland touches me rt now will get two tickets I’m at redstar cafe.” Granted it wasn’t during the game, but it instantly made me a fan. What a generous offer! I’ve talked to several other people who are also now fans of Shaq, all because of his social media escapades. It’s not a guarantee that he’ll be able to sell more product or tickets because of that interaction, but it’s highly possible. A case can certainly be made to continue allowing sports players to use social media while they’re on the bench (especially if it’s the money telling them they should allow it). Fans like to know what the players are thinking when the refs are making bad calls or someones head just broke another players jaw. It reminds us that they are still regular people and we can all relate in one fashion or another.


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