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December 21, 2009 / Andrea Capp

Razors & Intuition | A marriage made somewhere

A while ago I popped into good ‘ol Fred Meyer to pick up some Christmas lights and beer. While I was doing the self-checkout I was given a free Schick Intuition Razor. They’re the new ones with that chunk of deodorant-looking stuff on the razor end. Every time I see an advertisement for one I think, “How unnecessary, why would I need that? It’s probably so expensive.”

Now I have one and though I’m always excited to receive useful free things, I was skeptical about this one. Upon opening the package I found that I liked the light blue-green color, grippy parts, and the fresh powder smell but over all it seems like a cheap piece of plastic crap (minus the actual razor blade part). Then I used it. I’m nearly sold. I’m not sure I love it enough to buy the replacement soapy bits/razors. Safeway online shopping website prices 3 refill cartridges at $10.49, while the razors that I’ve already stocked up on and absolutely use to death are 4 for $10.29. I’m not sure I’ll be switching any time soon but now they have me thinking about it, when before there wasn’t a chance in the world that I’d change razors anytime soon. Good marketing on Schicks part.

I kind of hate traditional beauty marketing/advertising. Give me a break, “Trust your Intuition,” for a tagline, FOR RAZOR BLADES? We’re talking about a “beauty” product. This kind of exaggerated tagline doesn’t tend to speak to me. I’m unable to relate to it. Plus, I find beauty products a hassle to shop for and I’m annoyed that I feel societal pressure to use them, which also sometimes makes me feel guilty for using them. The kind of marketing that does work for me is natural Word of Mouth. I’ll most likely to try new beauty products when my mom or sister say, “Hey, these Gillette Venus razors are fantastic.” Orrrr when Schick is confident enough to give me a free razor because it’s likely that they’ll hook me. It’s possible that I will switch over eventually. I don’t buy shaving cream because I’m…thrifty and I feel bad about the waste I’m creating with the cans, so maybe I’ll allow myself to splurge on my razors if this Schick Intuition thing continues to impress me. SEE! I’m talking myself into it!


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