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April 27, 2010 / Andrea Capp

Lovely Graphs | It could be Art on my walls.

Traditional stacked graph achievable in excel

@natronics' Stacked Graph Example

I can’t pretend to know how creating these graphs works exactly but here’s what I understand. My friend and former housemate Nathan Bergey (@natronics) has coded a super beautiful and functional way to graph information. Some are calling it a Stream Graph and it allows information to be input into an organic and easy to understand graph. The above examples show the same information. The top graph is an excel example, while the graph below it is the same information with Nate’s Stream Graph. The lack of a straight x and y axis gives the second graph a more organic feeling.

Below is another example that shows various topics of conversation on twitter, when the chatter was “loudest,” and separates it all out into different colors. You can make your own graph by using Nate’s Python Stream Graph code on the website Github (a social coding website). His code will allow you to input your own content and even change the color of the graph. The best part is (and Nate correct me if I’m wrong) it has a vector output! Friggin Awesome.

Tweets associated with hashtags during the three days of San Francisco's Emerging Communications Conference and the Augmented Reality Conference

Amber Case has written a more comprehensive explanation of the above graph on Flickr. And just in case you wanted a reason to trust her blurb, she’s been featured as one of Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Technology. (congratulations @caseorganic)

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Nathan Bergey’s blog where he has more fascinating examples of what he’s been up to – like mapping the sky!


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