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June 17, 2010 / Andrea Capp

The Pledge Fabric Sweeper Letdown – wasteful!!

I have to admit, I’ve been watching an exorbitantly huge amount of television (its research!) and we all know that with television comes advertising. Hey, at least I’m spending most of my TV time nerding out on Animal Planet or Discovery. Back to my point, while watching It’s Me Or the Dog with Victoria Stilwell, Pledge and the show producers ever so blatantly threw in some appropriate product placement. It’s called the Pledge Fabric Sweeper. After seeing it in use, backed by a few commercials, I decided to seek it out. Upon reading the box I was shocked to find out that it’s a “disposable” product. It’s designed to be used, fill up with hair and to be thrown away. I’m morally opposed to this kind of waste and I’m repulsed to see products being manufactured with such disregard to an environment that is delicate and deteriorating. I was hoping this would at least be a product I could keep for a lifetime and that Pledge would be more forward thinking than this…although looking back I have been kidding myself, nearly all of their products contain potentially harmful chemicals or throw away pieces.

Incidentally, while researching the reviews of this product I’ve found that I’m not the only annoyed consumer that was enticed by this miracle pet fur sweeper. Others actually purchased the product and attempted to pull it apart and put it back together with some success. Here’s a short write-up from The Consumerist on how to take it apart, as well as an Instructables link on how to modify your Sweeper. Now the question is…do you still want to go through with purchasing a product made to be thrown in the trash can after only a few uses…all in the name of profit? I just might have to abstain from purchasing this product until sustainability or C2C (cradle-to-cradle) improvements are made.

Tsk Tsk Pledge.


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