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August 30, 2010 / Andrea Capp

Arcade Fire | The Wilderness Downtown Design

Kitsune Noir shared Arcade Fire’s new interactive video today (neat!). My first reaction upon seeing the art for “The Wilderness Downtown” was, “HEY! I’ve played with something that created a similar web texture!” I’m not sure who tackled this code first, Mr.doob (aka Richard Cabello) or The Chrome Experimenters, but here’s a website where you can create something similar for yourself. In viewing Mr.doob’s body of work, my guess is that they’re all in cahoots (anyone know?). Either way it’s a fun way to take a break.

Here’s a sample of the different options you have, now go play!

*UPDATE = After more research it looks like Mr.doob is most certainly a Chrome Experimenter. I’m just glad this isn’t another case of UPS/Ogilvy/Ryan Johnson.


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